About Us



Free To Worship Revival Center was birthed by the leading of the Holy Ghost. There was a group of people that was sick and tired of “Church hurt”. Tired of dealing with self-righteous people that call themselves Christians and base their own opinions by using “thus saith the Lord.” That may seem harsh – but it is not said out of anger toward any individual – only to let everyone know that we are “real” people that have experienced “real” hurt. 

However; the wonderful side to all of that is, we know a “REAL” GOD that works all things out for the good.  
Free To Worship Revival Center is just that, a place where you are free to worship!  It is a place where you will be loved and accepted for who you are. No one is judged by their appearance or their style.  We are not interested in what you are wearing, we are interested in your soul! Jesus loves you just the way you are. If He wants something changed – that’s between you and Him!  

Free To Worship Revival Center wants to extend an opportunity for you to experience CHURCH the way it should be! You see, there is a peace that passes all understanding, there is a joy unspeakable, there is healing, deliverance and salvation – just waiting to be received by those who have the faith to believe there is a GOD!!!