Randy Jumper

My name is Randy Lynn Jumper. I am 51 years young. I was raised in church as a kid. I was saved and baptized but when I was eleven, almost 12, my mom died and I lost my family structure. I turned to the streets looking for something to fulfill my life. I found drugs, alcohol, and rock & roll. I thought I was having fun but it only lead to hard times, prison, and almost death several times along with sadness and failure. But God never left me nor forsake me. 

I got married and became a dad but I never had a dad so I didn’t know how to be a dad or a husband. I went through a divorce and my ex-wife used my daughter to hurt me and it worked. I was broken. I stayed drunk and drugged up for a long time. But then a wonderful woman told me she loved me and wanted to be part of my life. She didn’t know what she was getting into and neither did I. I never knew I could love someone the way I love her. We had rough times because of my drinking and drugs and the hardness in my heart.

She was going to church and I didn’t want to but the Lord was putting conviction in my heart. One day God asked me, “Do you love your wife?” I said, “Yes.”  God asked me again, “Do you love your wife?” Again I answered, “Yes I love my wife.” Once again the Lord asked me, “Do you really love your wife?” I said, “Yes I really love my wife.” And God told me, “Then go to church with her.”

So to show God that I really loved my wife I had to go and that was the start of the greatest relationship I could ever have in my life. I fell in love with God and with this comes true love. A love for God, a love for my wife, a love for my children, and also a love for people. God has put me on a path to serve Him and to help people. My Pastor at F2W, Lisa D, told me one day, God had asked her to ask me if I wanted to join the Pastoral Ministry Team as an outreach minister. How could I ever say no to a God who had brought me through so much?

I am so blessed with an awesome Pastor and wonderful Ministry Team and an amazing group of people I now call family. So if you are looking for something, look no further. God is what you need and the rest will be given unto you if you give God your life and trust in Him. Come join my family-F2W-Free to Worship Revival Center with Pastor Lisa D!